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VUE cinema West End Glasgow


With each cinema brand comes the big impact entry and public space. From high end sophistication to big impact graphics and bold design, we have been involved in the development of many major operators to create a recognised identity which can be followed through multiple sites. The customer experience is considered from the forefront of all our designs. Each auditorium for each client has a unique look tailored to the specific brand. We use our technical knowledge to provide the optimum solution for audio and visual quality within each location. Whether developing the largest screen in the MENA region, installing premium large formats such as IMAX or creating intimate screening rooms for small occupancies, we have a bespoke solution to offer our clients. Contact Unick Consulting in Glasgow today.

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VOX Cinemas

Unick Consulting has been involved in the completion of 50+ VOX projects, particularly within the Cinema, Commercial, Retail, Leisure & Entertainment and Food & Beverage sectors, since 2011. Projects have ranged throughout Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt, and Bahrain. In addition, Unick have been involved in all stages of VOX projects, from concept to planning and researching, sketching layouts, producing 3D visualisation and animations. Unick handle specified, coordinated, and managed interior design schedules, fully packaged technical drawings and site management. We are strongly involved in leading the designs of all VOX’s up and coming entertainment projects, running throughout the Middle East.

vox cinemas
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Cinemas Vox
empire cinemas

Empire Cinemas

Unick Consulting have worked as Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Interior Designers and Project Managers for Empire Cinemas since their formation in 2005 to the present day. During this time, Unick have been involved in the creation and refurbishment of 19 cinemas including the design and installation of an IMAX screen within the iconic Empire Theatre, Leicester Square. Unick has also worked as Architects, Quantity Surveyors and Project Managers for the stunning Tivoli Cinemas since their creation in 2017 and have been involved in the creation of two boutique cinemas in Bath and Cheltenham. As this brand continues to grow, Unick are currently involved in the design and development of numerous new boutique cinemas across the UK.  Unick are currently involved in the design and creation of 10 future multiplex cinemas for Empire spanning over the next 4 years.

Cinemas Empire

VUE Cinemas

Unick Consulting have worked with VUE International since their formation in 2003 and before that with SBC Cinemas since 1999–2003, when they bought Warner Village Cinemas and became VUE as part off a massive expansion programme. Unick are employed as Project Managers, Principal Designers, Architects, Interior Designers, 3D Visualisation, Quantity Surveyors and Cost Managers depending on each specific project. Unick has built, refurbished and amended the majority of VUE’s 226 cinemas and continue to do so to this day in several countries such as: United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Poland and Taiwan. Unick continue to work with VUE in the UK and Europe in several new projects including new builds and refurbishments in all territories.

vue cinemas
Cinemas Vue
medi cinema


Medicinema are in independently funded charity with no government or NHS funding wholly on the generosity of supporters. Since 2012, Unick has been involved in helping Medicinema in creating auditoriums to help improve the difficult reality of life in hospitals for patients and families throughout the UK, including: St Thomas Hospital, Royal Victoria Hospital, Yorkhill General Glasgow, Chelsea, Westminster, ICAP Guys and Headley court Defence Military Rehabilitation Centre. We are still involved in their future planned expansion to this day and are proud to be a part of this wonderful cause.

Cinemas Medi


Unick Consulting have been working with Curzon in the development of project locations and brand concepts since 2012, inclusive of F&B/dining concepts at very successful locations such as: Victoria, Canterbury, Sheffield, Bloomsbury and Camden Arches. A client seeking individuality in design in every location creating customer destination identity. Unick are still looking to the future with Curzon and have a few more planned over the next few years.

Afroditi Curzon cinema bar area
Cinemas Curzon
Scott Cinemas Bridgewater Upper Floor VIP bar

WTW Scott Cinemas

In 2018 Unick Consulting were approached by Scott Cinema to look at various projects that they planned to develop. Within this discussion, the client wanted to look at a rebranding of the existing Scott Cinema side of the chain. A boutique cinema design was developed without losing the original Scott Cinema ethos to create a picture-perfect atmosphere for all customers. The first Unick-designed project opened in 2022 and we look forward to many more wonderful projects.

Cinemas WTW Scott

The Levels – Entertainment Centre 

The Levels is a multicomplex entertainment centre throughout four levels with the third containing a 10 screen Cinema, Director style screening rooms with private lounge and 3 additional VIP screens with a lounge providing fully catered service and in seat dining.

Tunisia Cinema Level Directors Lounge
concept lobby

IMAR Doha Oasis

Unick have provided full design service for a private client comprising what is intended to be the most luxurious cinema complex in the region comprising 14 screens, 4 VIP screens and a private cinema suite, alongside a truly VIP 8 lane Bowling experience where customers can customise their ball and shoes and enjoy 5 star dining in the lounge separating the 2 clusters of 4 lane bowling.

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